Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Gwynedd County Counclil

I have been to the council and talked to the guy there for 2 hour's, basically he didn't care and told me that people from London can come here and park because it is a public highway, I'm not quite sure if the reverse applies to people from Wales going down to London. At any road it's obvious that it's a problem because even the receptionist in the council informed me that lots of people from Llanberis complain. Previously I have complained to the council who (conveniently get an office in Colwyn Bay to subcontract for them and do their dirty work) and they're reply was "yes we know that parking is a problem in LLanberis," yet they still went ahead and fined me for it (what the heck is the sense in that). Race day is coming up and the local parking officer's will be in a fit of frenzy issuing tickets out to every car that is illegally parked (because there is no space for them), I think this is a really good move to promote tourism in the area. North wales has the highest car usage in the U.K and add to the mix the fact that Snowden is the busiest mountain in the world then it only adds to the frustration of locals not being able to park in they're own vicinity. I went around with a petition the other day and one of the first doors I knocked on was far back from the main road up by Kevin the Cllr's house (she had just received her a dose of Chemotherapy), and she told me that it was a problem for her to have to park a massive distance away from her house and walk back. It's bedlam out there. We should not be penalised for something we're not culpable for. What do you think? Please comment and share if you agree/disagree. Thanks. Here's the link for the website go and like it if you like (this affects us all and is happening nationally)https://www.facebook.com/LLanberis-Residents-Against-Parking-Fines-for-Locals-437106226649653/
And here's a link to a song I made about it! https://soundcloud.com/serf-school/coucil-rage

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